Gold Benes Services

Gold Benes Services

Welcome to Gold Benes, a full-service Long Island law firm that can assist you with a wide range of legal issues. Whether you need assistance at trial, need to launch a case against a party, or simply need advice, the experienced attorneys at Gold Benes can ensure you get the legal expertise you require.

Legal Service from Gold Benes

Serving Long Island for many years, Gold Benes can give personal, affordable legal support under a wide range of circumstances. Our attorneys assist with personal matters from real estate transactions to corporate legal issues such as transactional disputes.

Our Services Include :

Tax Grievance

Contact Gold Benes if you think you are overpaying on Nassau County property taxes. We can file a property tax dispute at a fixed-fee of $250, doing all the paperwork for your first phase tax grievance.

Insurance Litigation Services

Insurers large and small can rely on Gold Benes to take on insurance litigation cases covering a range of insurance fields, from auto insurance to medical malpractice insurance.

Commercial Litigation

Gold Benes can assist in any commercial dispute, advising through the alternative dispute process or presenting your case in court if necessary.

Personal Injury Services

Long Island residents can rely on Gold Benes for personal, in-depth expertise in personal injury cases. We have won millions in compensation on behalf of our clients and will bring this expertise to you.

Real Estate Law

With extensive experience in both residential and commercial property transactions across Long Island and New York, Gold Benes stands ready to help with real estate transactions, no matter how simple or how complex.

Legal Malpractice

Gold Benes can help right your legal situation in cases where previous attorneys did not perform their duties according to the law. We do this both by taking over an existing legal matter if necessary and by pursuing your previous legal representation for compensation.

Wage Litigation

Fair pay is written into the law. At Gold Benes, we can represent you on issues including minimum wage violations, wage discrimination, and unfair dismissal. We also represent businesses that are unfairly targeted for wage violations.