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Insurance Law

Leading Second Department Case on Late Notice (48 Days)

Preeminent NY Case on "The Classification Limitation."

Leading Second Department Case on assault and battery exclusion involving incompetent assailants.

Leading NY case on Suretyship/ Corporate Identity

Important First Department Case on Insurance Law Section 3420(d)

Insurance Certificates do not confer coverage/Broker is agent of insured (Second Department)

Leading Second Department case on punitive damages.

Second Department finds that a lease is not "an insured contract."

A Lending late notice case - demand for payment of medical bills triggers due to give notice.

Leading First Department Case on Insurance Law 3420.

Important First Department Venue Case

Liability Cases

Leading First Department Case - Landlords are not obligated to provide radiator covers.

No liability for fall on steps.

Leading Second Department Case on fire escape liability.

No Liability for Spectator Injury

No Liability for Trip and Fall in parking lot.

Life Insurance Cases

Leading NY Case holding that insurers are entitled as a matter of law to costs associated with Interpleader Action.

Second Department finds life only annuity issued to 81 year old is valid.

Commercial Insurance

Leading Case holding that opposing counsel may be held liable for attorney's fees.

Untimely Jury Demand is Invalid